WELCOME NIKOS NAOUMIS, Public Relations Officer, WCIF, Greece

Born in Athens, Greece, Nikos Naoumis is a political scientist and a writer. He studied Political sciences and Public Administration at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Later on, he specialised in International Relations before joining a government organisation as a political analyst. Challenging his own limitations to see the physical world, he hasContinue reading “WELCOME NIKOS NAOUMIS, Public Relations Officer, WCIF, Greece”


Hailing from the green paradise of India which is famed as ‘God’s Own Country’, Pradeep Nambiaar is a journalist and PR entrepreneur based in Delhi. He was born in Kannur of Kerala in the year 1975 and completed his basic education before pursuing his master’s degree in Human Resource Management. He has served various organisationsContinue reading “WELCOME PRADEEP NAMBIAAR, Public Relations Officer, WCIF”

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