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Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Writers Capital is an international non- profit, non-political, and non-religious organisation for writers and creators across the world for spreading the mighty values of humanity. Since the principal aim of the foundation is to inspire people around to take leadership in social change, we conduct a number of programmes across the world in various fields. Have a quick look at our aims and objectives under each mission:


  • To conduct various programmes that would enable cultural interaction between countries, regions and communities
  • To organise literary/art/music/film festivals that would further expand human consciousness and bring the sense of unity
  • To publish and distribute creative works that would help spreading the values for global peace and harmony
  • To take part in sustainable developmental activities ensuring the protection of environment and natural resources
  • To support people/communities belonging to economically/socially disadvantaged class to lead a sustainable life towards a better and independent future


  • To support children from economically and socially poor backgrounds receive quality education founded upon values
  • To educate children values that will lead them grow as ideal citizens who would support the sustainable future of the world
  • To prepare children to dream and achieve higher goals in their lives and to lead them to material and spiritual success
  • To create awareness among children about their social responsibilities and to bring them up as responsible global citizens


  • To bring up a community who would act as volunteers to stop THE exploitation of THE environment and the abundant natural resources
  • To spread the mighty values of conserving nature and protecting natural resources across the planet
  • To promote building of eco-friendly and self-sustainable houses ideal for minimalist living
  • To promote the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to help sustainable living and to cut down the amount of waste
  • To protect historical monuments and heritage sites and to maintain them for the future generations


  • To establish orphanages for kids and to provide them food, shelter and education until they are prepared for an independent living
  • To raise funds for supporting education for children from economically poor backgrounds and to distribute it among them.
  • To provide support for people from economically poor backgrounds to meet their medical expenses for serious illnesses
  • To establish old-age homes for homeless senior citizens in order to provide food, shelter and care that is their due
  • To provide support for differently abled and to provide them with equipment that will support them lead normal life

Join us in this massive movement for social change!

Media Partner: Indus Scrolls News, New Delhi

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