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Writers Capital Foundation Head of Press Office Nikos Naoumis Visits Zappeion Book Festival

Athens (Greece): The Writers Capital Foundation Head of the Press Office Nikos Naoumis paid a visit to the ongoing Zappeion Book Festival in Athens. The Book Festival organized by the Book Publishers Association is an institution that for many decades enriches the cultural life of the country.

Talking to the media soon after visiting the festival Nikos Naoumis said that the pandemic had so far kept us away from what people love so much, that is, to be around and share smiles and hugs. He observed what prevailed in Zappeion Book Festival was an ambience full of joy, as everyone expressed their love for the book and the authors at this magnificent place.

Nikos Naoumis reminded everyone not to forget, what kept us going during the many months of forced confinement was a book in the hand – a friend showing us always unconditional and selfless love. Zappeion Book Festival not just about the books. There are the events and actions (theatre, music, book presentations, etc.) that set a true celebration every time.

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