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Panorama International Arts & Sculpture Festival 2021: Interview with Renato Reúl Ulloa, Coordinator, Ecuador

Renato Reúl Ulloa was born in Quito (Ecuador). He completed a few courses in drawing, painting etc. at the Faculty of Arts at Central University of Ecuador and AIU. His works are influenced by the hieroglyphs of cultures such as Egyptian, Sumerian, however mainly from the pre-Columbian cultures of America, where he made some artistic appreciation of archaeological sites and museums in Latin America and his own country. Without copying these symbols, he has created his own work of art using pictographs, hieroglyphs and graphics with a contemporary glance.

He has participated in more than 200 exhibitions both individual and collective ones. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in various
countries of the world such as House of Ecuadorian Culture, Camilo Egas
Museum, Guayaquil Municipal Museum, Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, PUCE Cultural Center, Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, Center Cultural Itchimbia, Peru Ibero-American Art Hall, Lima Metropolitan Museum, Nesle Gallery, Alpha in France, D ‘Art San Vicente de Raspeig Gallery, ArteAdiscar Gallery Spain, Delle Prigioni Gallery, Italy, etc. His work stood out in the Intercontinental Biennial of Indigenous Art, and received first place in Drawing and Order of Merit of Commander Belmonte-OCB, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

During these years he has also created illustrations, glass painting, stained glass and Art Nouveau furniture design. His works are to be found in the Casal Catalá Quito, the Benetton Imago Mundi Foundation Museum in Treviso, Italy, the Peruvian Embassy, the Nuevo Horizonte Ecuador Foundation, the Andante Spain Foundation Museum, the Azabache Peru Foundation, The Nala Project Germany and in private collections in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Peru, Ecuador, etc. He was Coordinator of the “Amerindia” Festival, Intercontinental Encounter of Visual Artists, “Al Sur del Sur” Art Festival, member of the Academy of Arts and Letters of Gastronomic Poetry of Brazil, Ambassador of Andante in South America, Ambassador of The Nala Project in Ecuador and Ambassador of World Peace in Lumbini (2021-2025).

Welcome, Renato! Would you like to tell us a few things about yourself?

Since I was a child, I always wanted to be an artist, but my family had rejected that idea. I was inclined to study Accounting because it is a lucrative career, however when I finished accounting studies I did not like working in this field. Thus, I ended up studying Arts and dedicated myself to it. Therefore, I know that the only goal in my life is to create art. The works that I produce are inspired by the ancestral cultures of the world, in which our identity is found with a contemporary work of art. My mission is to develop this heritage.

What is art in your perspective?

I consider that every object that we have in our environment has artistic characteristics, that is, from a computer, the table, the chair, the light bulb, a garment, the comb, the toothbrush, to industrial objects such as a hammer or a wheelbarrow. They have a utilitarian purpose, but I also consider it aesthetic, but crafts, advertising, and decoration should not be confused with art. Since the beginning of humanity, the human being has shaped their essence, emotions, and thought through art and has evolved. Contemporary art is the art of our time; “any object can be art, anyone can be an artist” I consider it a fraud. Not everything is art and not all are artists, what is sold for art is not art, it is a business and marketing of galleries, such as selling an invisible work! The influence they have on the bourgeoisie is tremendous and they buy these objects for millions of dollars, but it is just talk that does not make sense and this should be considered as Hamparte, while art is the one that involves work, technique and knowledge.

Do you think art could be a medium for social change? If yes, how?

Art not only transmits emotions but also messages that can be used as a tool to educate, change and influence the thinking of a society transmitted through any genre of art, painting, music, theater, cinema, etc. It can also affect positively or negatively since it makes us reflect on our existence, social conflicts or daily life, so that it plays a very important role in building a more just and supportive world, playing a mediating role and communication engine.

In these difficult times, is art a refuge?

Art can be used as therapy to reduce stress and overcome problems, to improve physical and psychological well-being, venting emotions, frustrations, etc. In this way it can bring us spiritual peace and joy, since negative emotions, problems and frustrations if not removed, eventually may lead to stroke or cardiac arrest. Art can be one of the therapeutic instruments to help overcome this.

Why did you take part in the Panorama Arts & Sculpture festival by Writers Capital Foundation?

Because I have been working on a work based on the defense of the seabed, since this constitutes life on the surface and for the fight against climate change, to conserve and protect a Natural Heritage for Humanity such as the Galapagos and I have represented it using a last made of recycled shoe wood inside a circular support that symbolizes the world. In the lower left there is a plastic bottle and a tire representing marine pollution. Many species die or suffer amputations and malformations or are poisoned by feeding on microplastics and plastic particles that are a time bomb as animals mistake them for food and that ends up in our diet, so their consumption should be reduced as much as possible. There is also a circuit board that represents the technology of the factories from which a tube comes out that spews waste, gas emissions into the water and which are the main sources of global pollution. Thus, by taking part in PANORAMA Festival I join my voice and protest along with that of all the artists’ across the globe for a better future for us all. I congratulate the organizers of Writers Capital Foundation and send my warmest regards from Ecuador to Greece, the hosting country of the Festival.

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