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Panorama Internationals Arts & Sculpture Festival 2021: Interview with Francisco Speicher, Coordinator, Argentina

Francisco Speicher

Francisco Speicher: (1983) Born in the capital Salta, based in the city of Buenos Aires, studied at the Tomás Cabrera School of Fine Arts. He is a visual artist, cultural manager and curator. He made multiple individual and group exhibitions in museums, cultural centers and galleries. Most relevant exhibitions in the country: 25th Anniversary Buenos Aires Design, Contra cancer by the health ministry at the Borges Cultural Center, Solo show at Alianza French Fortabat Center in Buenos Aires and individual in Museum of the City of San Fernando.Mas re-elected abroad: Individual at the Ward Nasse Gallery in Nueva York, Picassiana at ArteDiscar Málaga, Spain, Art Olympia Tokyo, Japan and Doukkalas Colors, Morocco. I also organize multidisciplinary events and exhibitions. He was director of the Aristene Papi Cultural Center in two periods (2011 and 2012). In 2017 he was elected by the government of Tunisia to represent Argentina in the International Meeting and Congress of artists in the city of Zarzis in that country. I founded the artist collective “La melange” with who held multiple exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Salta. Currently he directs his own Art Gallery: Iglu Boutique Art Gallery.

Let ‘s welcome Francisco Speicher who is our coordinator for Argentina!

Welcome Mr. Speicher!

Would you like to tell us a few things about yourself?

I am an Argentine artist, cultural manager, and curator. I was born in Salta, a province in the north of my country, but I have been living in Buenos Aires for several years. I work in both places. I like to connect the public with culture, especially with emerging artists. I like that people are amazed at discovering new ways of making art.

What is art from your perspective?

Art is the most profound form of expression of the human being that can also generate a reaction in the others, that is why it is so important. We can possibly generate as many emotions as there are in us. It is a wonderful tool, that allows us to describe the time in which we live and generate meaningful changes.

Do you think that art could be a means for social change? If so, how?

I believe that art is a tool for meaningful change and advancing visionary ideas and innovation, projecting ideas, perspectives, and reflecting reality. The art is social itself, so of course, it can generate a change of society’s paradigms, and in fact, it has done so throughout world history.

In these difficult times, is art a refuge?

Art is always a refuge for artists and for society, especially in difficult times such as now. It serves as a breeding ground for new ideas and expression of so many contemporary situations.

How do you imagine our planet a decade from now?

I believe that if we do not change some paradigms and situations such as pollution, the indiscriminate use of resources, and economic inequality, we are heading towards an almost uninhabitable planet and a tremendously individualistic society with a bigger social injustice. Art is one of the tools that can help us to raise awareness.

Can artists from around the world collaborate to balance the planet?

By joining together, we already give an example of working together towards that objective of helping society. A really difficult objective in itself, due to the individualism that prevails.

Why did you participate in the Writers Capital Foundation’s Panorama Arts & Sculpture festival?

Ending animal abuse is a most noble cause. I love animals as beautiful living beings. I think they are part of this planet and universal harmony just like everything that surrounds us. Encouraging and actively participating in this initiative from the human and artistic perspective is of utmost importance.

How would you further contribute to universal harmony?

I believe that when we learn that we are more than individuals, and we learn that we are a unified whole with the universe, we can begin to change everything. Similar energies and vibrations attract each other and if through the art we can generate that, it will be a great step towards a more brilliant common goal.

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