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An Interview With Irene Doura-Kavadia by Nikos Naoumis

An active educator, writer, poet with many distinctions in Greece and abroad, mother and wife, is in addition to a modern woman and successful professional, the new General Secretary of the Writers Capital International Foundation. 

Born in Athens, Greece, she has been engaged since childhood in studying, writing, and learning foreign languages. She graduated from the Faculty of German Language and Literature (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens). With her dissertation she was awarded a Specialisation in Contrastive Linguistics. Further, she was awarded the Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Computational Linguistics (Faculty of Linguistics at the National & Kapodistrian University, Faculty of Computer Engineering & Robotics – National Technical University). She worked as a volunteer at the research team of the National Institute for Research & Technology “Demokritos” (Dpt. of Microelectronics) and participated in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Paper 2004, Irene Doura et al.).

For many years she worked as a tutor of foreign languages (English, German, French and Spanish) in private schools and as a translator and research associate in law firms, specialising in European patents. She is currently the owner and Director of Studies at “Academy Centres As a writer she has participated in various international literary competitions and has received corresponding awards, accolades and honors. She is a member of the National Union of Writers, the World Peace Academy, the International “World Poets Society”, the American “International Writers Association”.

She is also a member of the UNESCO Arts, Letters, and Sciences Greece, Member of the World Philosophical Forum Greece, as well as Member of Board in two Organisations, one being the Node of Friends of the Red Cross. She has been involved in projects in various exhibitions, art festivals and other cultural events, and her works have been recited in many competitions, poetic & musical events, festivals and art features, both in Greece and abroad. She has coordinated both Literary competitions as well as International Fine Arts Exhibitions. Poems and texts of hers have been issued in literary magazines, anthologies, collections of short stories, online literary encyclopedias and websites that promote literature and culture (Cyprus, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, Canada, the USA, Latin america, South Korea, Brasil, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and countries of the Balkans). Her educational and literary books – both in Greek and in English – are taught in several private institutions as well as state schools in Greece, Cyprus and other European countries in different educational levels.

She currently gives a series of lectures as a linguist – teacher of foreign languages – translator, as well as a litterateur in international congresses, conferences and other cultural events representing her country. She has been acknowledged for her work by many Organizations, such as the Municipality of Athens, as a successful entrepreneur by “Women Leaders – 2019 and 2020”, and as a distinguished personality of her country by “Who Is Who– Purple Edition, 2020”. In 2020 she was appointed The Director of Writers Capital Hellas and following that the Secretary General of the Writers Capital International Foundation runs projects as the Secretary General of Writers Capital Foundation towards the end of uniting intellectuals worldwide in an effort to promoting cultural diversity, humanitarianism, and world peace.

We are very happy to host her at!

Ms. Doura, what exactly is the Writers Capital International Foundation?

The Writers Capital International Foundation is a global organization founded by President Preeth Nambiar out of love for writers, creators, and intellectuals around the world who share with him the vision of a better society based on universal values​​such as equality, solidarity, humanism, altruism… Himself being a poet, writer, and humanist, is strongly possessed by the vision of gathering around our organisation intellectuals and cultural bodies, who will contribute to this goal, each from their own base. I feel very honored to offer from my position all my energy to such high goals, placing myself in the service of humanity.

How many countries participate in this vision?

The organization has branches in about 40 countries, some with more and others with less active action, always depending on the needs of each society and country at a given time. As already mentioned, this is a mainly charitable organization, which once started with the primary purpose of supporting writers and artists in general around the world to acquire the necessary foundations that will pave the way for an international career, but also to set the foundations of change – a social and mainly cultural change. The Foundation therefore promotes universal values ​​such as fellowship, solidarity, multiculturalism, and world peace. It is involved in various social projects and also conducts permanent educational programs for children and adolescents, aimed at their holistic development and course for a good life. It promotes the goals of the United Nations and also supports the actions of UNICEF and UNESCO, while advocating for the rights of the sick, children, women, and differently abled people, as well as for the preservation of the international cultural heritage.

What are the goals of the organization?

The goals of the organization, in addition to any permanent or emergency assistance to the afflicted fellow human being, are divided into 4 major main axes. I will briefly refer to each of them:

  1. The social work

It conducts various programs that allow cultural interaction between countries and communities through literary/ art/ music/ film festivals and other activities that further broaden human consciousness, bring about a sense of unity and spread the values​​of world peace and harmonious coexistence.

  1. The educational project

It aims to support children from economically and socially poor backgrounds to dream and achieve higher goals in life, leading them to material and spiritual success through quality value-based education, so that they grow up as ideal citizens who will support the sustainable future of the planet.

  1. The environmental project

It aims to create a community of volunteers who will spread the values ​​of natural conservation and the protection of natural resources throughout the planet. It also aims to promote the construction of environmentally-friendly and self-sustainable homes, ideal for minimalist living through the use of the triptych “reduce, reuse, recycle”. An additional goal is the protection of the world cultural heritage

  1. The charity work

Its aim is to provide food, shelter, and holistic education to needy children until they are prepared for independent living. Likewise, a nursing home for the homeless, and support for our fellow differently abled human beings.

What actions have you taken so far?

The actions are multidimensional and multiple. In addition to permanent educational and charitable programs, new ones are being added due to latest needs arising from the pandemic . Recently the organization supported India, which has been hit the harshest of all countries by the pandemic with a special poetry-music festival to initially inspire the people, as well as the symbolic and substantial action of distributing food in hospitals of three major cities, to the suffering companions of patients for a number of days, providing them with a significant relief. The three reference cities are Kerala, Mysore and Jaipur. At the same time, we did not forget to take care of our little four-legged friends, which unfortunately seem to be currently forgotten by everyone, and in favour of which we are currently conducting our Panorama arts festival, namely in favor of their rights, and which has been taking place for two months now.

At the same time, there are other activities such as series of audiovisual anthologies, which aim to introduce the new generation through image and sound into poetry, but also to enable our visually impaired fellow human beings to enjoy literature in the most beautiful way, through the voice of a writer. Another series of audiovisual anthologies concerns self-improvement, self-awareness and empowerment with the view to also eliminating daily stress. We will also soon offer online courses in medicine, philosophy, psychology, and healing by specialized scientific staff, such as educators, doctors, life coach specialists, etc.

What is the PANORAMA-Art and Sculpture Festival and what are its purposes?

This is the 1st International Art Festival organized by our organization and we are very proud that we have had a record of participations of more than 300 artists from around the world for this good cause, namely in favour of animal rights. Artists from more than 30 countries with their amazing works united their voices against violence to all living beings. Because “human culture is reflected in the way we treat animals.” So Art unites us in this goal as well. The social change, the change of mentality and the ill- acquired habits. Because we all have only one life – and our motto, therefore, “ONE LIFE”! In terms of the response from artists that exceeded all expectations, especially amidst the pandemic, it was obvious that we can bring about change, especially if we unite ourselves and educate the younger generation properly. The culmination of all efforts is the recognition of our festival by international organizations, cultural bodies, TV and Radio channels, websites and people of culture, whom we thank warmly for the coverage and support of the institution.

Before we bring this beautiful interview to an end, I want you to tell me where we can find out about all the above activities and how can a writer-creator unite their voice with yours?

Our organisation is open to any writer-poet or artist-creator, who can join our respective group (literary, artistic, youth, etc.) and unite his voice and passion for art with us very simply, through a message . Either to exchange views with our team of intellectuals-writers-creators or for their personal improvement and, why not ?, their promotion in the world community. In fact, anyone – whether a writer, poet or creator – can write an e-mail and apply to become a member or even a volunteer in our activities. We are always very happy to welcome new members with the same vision for a better society, in which we all deserve to live – especially a society we will be proud to pass on to our children, the new generation, our only hope. Anyone interested in finding out more about our organization’s activities, can visit our website and our social media: Writers Capital Facebook Page Panorama International Arts & Literature Festival Facebook Page: Writers Capital YouTube: Panorama International Arts & Literature Festival YouTube:

Thank you very much for this first communication and we would like to inform those who read us that will be by your side as a Media sponsor for your activities!

Thank you, Mr. Naoumis and for the hospitality and for the to-the-point questions that will inform the public and will contribute to the promotion of the noble causes and projects by WRITERS CAPITAL FOUNDATION.

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