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Artists across the world raise their voice against cruelty towards animals; Panorama International Arts & Sculpture festival begins

Athens (Greece): Artists and sculpturists from across the world have joined together to end cruelty towards animals in the Panorama International Arts festival. The yearly festival conducted by Writers Capital Foundation is hosted in Athens, Greece. Due to the pandemic, the festival is conducted virtually this year.

As many as 300 participants from all over the world have registered for the event on the theme ‘One Life: Stop Cruelty towards animals’. Artists will be using their creative works to raise awareness against animal abuse. The works will be gathered and showcased on various social media pages.

‘Panorama International Arts and Sculpture festival is dedicated to drawing the attention of the world towards issues concerning humanity. This year the theme is for raising awareness against animal abuse’, said foundation’s Secretary General Irene Doura-Kavadia. ‘We strongly believe that writers, artists and also others who are involved in creative expressions can create a major impact in society’, she added.

The festival that will continue for a month will also be a venue for artists to communicate with each other to further expand their knowledge and expertise in arts. Panorama Golden Award for lifetime achievement and awards for best entries during the festival will also be announced soon after the festival, said the organisers.

An international non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation for writers and creators across the world, Writers Capital Foundation’s principal aim is to bring writers and others who are in the field of creative expressions under a single umbrella to share their experiences, expertise and to further inspire their calibre.

Apart from the arts festival, the organisation is also conducting Panorama International Literature Festival and several other programmes to inspire humanity. The organisation is registered under the UN Social Council supporting the aims and objectives of the United Nations, UNICEF and UNESCO.

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