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Writers Capital Foundation

Writers Capital Foundation is an international non-profit, non-political and non-religious literary organisation for writers and creators across the world.

The principal aim of the foundation is to bring writers and others who are in the field of creative expressions under a single umbrella to share each other their experiences, expertise and to further inspire their caliber. We also aim to provide writers and artists a great platform for their vivid expressions.

The organisation stands for creative people across the globe and is dedicated to fostering qualities that would ensure their overall development to help them create their own footprints in the world.

We believe it is our prime responsibility to act for social causes and we aim to reinforce values for humanity that would benefit the whole world.


To help build up a world beyond borders where myriad lives coexist harmoniously respecting perennial values applicable for the entire planet and beyond.


To gather creative minds to reach the grassroots to educate and to inspire people for achieving the concept of one-world and to protect the planet from challenges of time.


Amidst all the diverse forms of life and indifferences, life is one in nature, the realisation of the same would help one live magnanimously and bring peace and harmony in the world.

Join us in this massive movement for social change!


Media Partner: Indus Scrolls News, New Delhi